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Release agent for polyester system

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Vacuum auxiliary material

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Company always uphold the integrity, professional, efficient, win-win business philosophy, with professional technical advantages, high-quality product quality, meticulous service, good customer service wholeheartedly for the everbright, by the general customers the consistent high praise. Telephone: 021-34121658
  • Demoulding cloth

    Demoulding cloth

    Stripping for PA6 and PA66 material, density ranged from 85 ~ 125 g/m2, for whit

  • Resin tube

    Resin tube

    Product features:For vacuum perfusion process, a low cost resin transmission pip

  • Omega pipe
  • Isolation membrane

    Isolation membrane

    Isolation membrane:Specializing in the production of PE perforated isolation mem

  • Perforated isolation film

    Perforated isolation film

    Perforated isolation film:The perforated isolation film is used for the producti

  • Winding pipe

    Winding pipe

    Product features:Winding pipeFor vacuum perfusion process, it is a kind of low i

  • Extrusion type diversion network

    Extrusion type diversion

    Product description:Length (m) width (m) thickness (mm) density (cm2) longitudin

  • PVC hose

    PVC hose

    Product features:PVC hose is a low cost resin transmission medium widely used in

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