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High performance sandwich sandwich panel

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High performance sandwich sandwich panel

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Detailed description

Product description:

High-performance sandwiches sandwich composite materials by surface or in which layer and the structure between the core material of surface layer, or layer and structure of core material can be according to the different USES, process and the special requirements of customers to choose design. Specially selected designs can make products stronger, faster, lighter, more durable, and many other benefits.

The above is a typical sandwich composite structure:

The surface layer is thin, with certain strength and rigidity, and the core material can have a variety of choices, its structure strength is enough to maintain its corresponding position of the surface layer under certain load.

Product type:

By use

—Common type

  • Truck: carriage board: carriage board

—low VOC

  • Train: floor, interior, main structure, locomotive: floor, interior, main structure

  • Yacht: deck, bulkhead, interior, superstructure, upper and lower hull

  • Building: square cabin, easy room - refrigeration, energy-saving type

  • Refrigerated container: a cold storage container: a thermal insulation board

—Special function

  • Fire resistant, transparent, and other functions are divided by technology - hand paste technology

—Jet technology

—Vacuum perfusion process

—Vacuum wet forming process


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