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Release agent for polyester system

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Semi-permanent mold release agent

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Semi-permanent mold release agent

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Detailed description

Product introduction:

MB ® 5091 is a kind of fast curing semi-permanent universal release agent, it can achieve multiple demoulding effect, and only rarely the product transfer. MB ® 5091 is high lubricity higher a kind of release agent, mainly is suitable for the vacuum infusion molding or cavity of a shallow and closed die molding composite material products.


A. no harmful gas

B. Easy to operate

C. High thermal stability

D. Reduction of working hours

E. multiple ejection


The surface of the mold shall be clean/sealed:


1. Use a sealant to soak up the clean cotton cloth or non-woven fabric (hand squeeze not drop), and apply evenly to the surface of the mold. Edge brush against light test, as thin and even as possible.

2. Wait until the MB ® 5091 tuomoji solvent volatilization (about 3-20 seconds) and a little wet, in a short period of time, the surface with a clean piece of cloth redundant tuomoji erased. If the die is cold, it will take longer to wipe off the excess solvent.

3. Repeat the operation until the entire mold is covered. It usually takes 3-5 layers. If used on the surface of the mold or the surface of the mold, the general recommendation is to apply 6-8 layers, each time interval

15 to 30 minutes.

4. Place half an hour or more before using the die to be fully cured.

Note: low temperature will increase the required curing time. If the mould heats up to 200 ° F30 minutes, cure time will be shortened.


1. Keep the container sealed when not in use.

2. The mould must remain thoroughly clean and dry before use. Note: you can use a small about 1 inch wide tape an effective test was carried out on the mold is clean, can feel when torn off certain pulling force that mold is clean.

3. The sealing agent should not have obvious precipitates. If there is a gray or milky deposit, the material is contaminated.

4. Operating area must have good ventilation, temperature is not lower than 15 ° C, humidity is not more than 70%.

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