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Release agent for polyester system

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Strong core felt

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Strong core felt

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Detailed description

S is the surface felt of glass fiber filled with thermoplastic foam. The best way to use it is to wet the wet pressing layer in the mold. This product has low resin absorption and lighter weight, especially for thin wall products processing. At the same time, the product has good grain barrier properties and good compatibility. The final product has better flexibility and tensile strength than the polyester products.

SP is the polyester surface felt for thermoplastic foam, the basic performance of the products is consistent with the performance of COREMAT,MAT-LIN and UPICA. The products have good flexibility and excellent infiltration and follow - type properties.

SBC is a glass fiber wiki precompression fabric, which is filled with a thermoplastic foam, and is made with a knitted and adhesive method. Is very suitable for higher requirements for physics to low density and the application of the product in the process of wet wet process good varies with the type, in the process of using good resin permeability, relative to the resin and the curing the surface of the product (such as PVC foam or Balsa), the final product has better homogeneous, has a good operating performance, can lap, several times, the mechanical properties of the final products of Balsa or bubble, there are 6 mm8mm10mm different thickness for customers to choose from.

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