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Release agent for polyester system

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PVC foam

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PVC foam

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Detailed description

The  PROCORE PVC foam is a closed-hole crosslinked polymer foam with excellent rigidity and strength - weight ratio and toughness. This product is not easy to break, not contain CFC to absorb water weak, anticorrosive strength. The fine pore structure makes the foam surface good adhesion. Applicable to most resin and processing technology, it is the ideal core material for manufacturing static/dynamic load light interlayer structure. Light quality (compared with density) makes it the first choice for lightweight structural material applications.


Strength /- intensity - weight ratio is high

Good fire resistance (self-extinguishing)

Strong impact resistance

Sound insulation and insulation

Resin absorption rate is low

Good styrene resistance

High resistance to fatigue


Ship: hull, deck, bulkhead, superstructure, internal structure

Highway and rail crossing energy: roof, internal structure, floor, door, partition wall, side edge, locomotive

Wind: fan blade, engine room cover, fairing

Aviation: internal structure, fairing, kitchen trolley, civil aircraft (fuselage and wing)

Leisure: sled, snowboard, surfboard, water board, rowing, kayak

Industry: tooling, tank, piping system, container, cover plate


/ paste hand contact molding (injection) - vacuum infusion - RTM filling adhesive - - presoak treatment - thermoforming

Performance parameters:

Processing mode, other dimensions based on customer demand

1) the minimum value is based on the DNV certificate; The sample thickness is 20mm and the sample of compression modulus is 40mm.

2) the half size plate thickness is less than 8mm

The data provided in the above table are approximate apparent density values and DNV minimum values based on DNV approval certificate.

The above information is accurate and reliable, consistent with the latest scientific research and technical data, but does not make any kind of commitment to its accuracy and the result of using the above information. No intention or suggestion to infringe on any other person's intention to know the property rights.

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