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Release agent for polyester system

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Balsa wood

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Balsa wood

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Detailed description

SUcell Balsa wood for the professional of Balsa wood drying process, the intensity and rigidity - weight ratio is extremely high, can use all kinds of resin and adhesive to achieve perfect bonding effect, is an ideal material to make sandwich structure. This product is suitable for all kinds of production process, fire prevention, anti-corrosion (eg. Styrene), the temperature is adaptable.

BALTEKR Balsa Balsa is a kind of green and renewable ideal core material which can be used widely in various fields.


Ø 强度/刚性-重量比突出

Ø 防火性能佳

Ø 环保材料

Ø 抗疲劳性出色

Ø 很强的温度适应性(-212℃至+163℃,即-414℉+325℉)

Ø 隔音、隔热性强

Ø 抗冲击性能

Ø 防潮性能良好


Ship: hull, deck, bulkhead, superstructure, internal structure, tooling and mould

Orbital delivery: floor, wall, ceiling, side board, internal structure, locomotive, side edge

Wind: blade, cabin cover, fairing

Aviation: floor, kitchen carts, internal partitions, towing plates, containers, civil aircraft/military aircraft, components

Defense: ships, containers, pallets, command bunkers

Industry: tooling, tanks, piping systems, buffers, concrete templates, dashboards, sporting goods


paste hand contact molding (injection) - vacuum infusion - RTM filling adhesive -- -- -- -- -- -- presoak treatment (up to 180 ℃ / 355 ℉) - moulding


Processing mode, other dimensions based on customer demand

1) the minimum value is based on the DNV certificate; The sample thickness is 20mm and the sample of compression modulus is 40mm.

Please indicate LamPrep (fine grinding) or AL600/10 coating (reducing porosity and bonding strength)

The data provided in the above table is approximate density value, due to careful construction change, its value may be lower than that of the above table. If required, the minimum density value visible demand for sandwich structure design is provided.

The above information is accurate and reliable, consistent with the latest scientific research and technical data, but does not make any kind of commitment to its accuracy and the result of using the above information. No intention or suggestion to infringe on any other person's intention to know the property rights.

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