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Release agent for polyester system

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Extrusion type diversion network

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Extrusion type diversion network

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Detailed description

Product description:

Length (m) width (m) thickness (mm) density (cm2) longitudinal/lateral weight (g/m2) appearance

100, 2, 1, 3/17, 160 green

Product description:

Suitable for composite vacuum pouring process, low cost, better able to eliminate the residual air in the vacuum system, and the ability to turn resin evenly to infiltrate the product parts production, effectively improve the quality of the product.

Product features:

The diamond-shaped three-dimensional structure is conducive to the flow of air and resin and has a quick surface velocity and downward penetration rate. The stripping effect is good, the cost is low.

Technical parameters:

Guide network

The material of PP

Surface density (g/m2) NP- 200, 200, plus or minus 10

NP - 250, 250-10

Width (mm) standard width is 1200 + + 10

Coil length (m) standard volume is 50 plus or minus 0.5

The color green

Heat temperature of 120 ℃ or less

Surface flatness without strain, without burr

Operation instructions:

(1) the longitudinal direction is the main direction of diversion, and the laying shall be perpendicular to the guide tube.

(2) ensure no water on the surface of the product and no oil stains.

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