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Release agent for polyester system

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Wind Turbine Blade Mould

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Wind Turbine Blade Mould

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Product introduction:

Main mode (yangmold) production: there are many materials to make the main die, which generally require that the materials of the main die are easy to form, easy to rest, and have the characteristics of good stability. Such as wood, gypsum, wax, etc. We usually use daishas. According to the product drawing or mould drawing, after CNC processing into the desired shape.


Main mode (die) dressing: the main die must be repaired to produce the mold of production. Trim include putty, shaping, size and strengthening. This process mainly deals with the surface and the whole of the wood, to ensure that the wood die is in accordance with the drawing.

Main mode (die) surface treatment: in this process, there is a rubber coating, rubber coating solidification, polishing, polishing, ejection wax and so on. In the front of the process, the main die is sprayed onto the rubber, and then the gelatine solidified, and the gelatine coated with sand paper. Usually from a few dozen of the coarse sandpaper to a thousand number of fine sandpaper. After finishing the sandpaper, start polishing the mold, and finally type the die product. At this point, the production of the yangdie is over. We can use the Yang mold to make the production molds.

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