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A brief introduction to refrigerated vehicles

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A brief introduction to refrigerated vehicles

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Refrigerated trucks by walking part of the special purpose vehicle chassis, and heat insulation heat preservation box body (generally consists of polyurethane materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration unit, temperature recorder in carriage parts, such as vehicles for special requirements, such as hook, hook can be mounted to the flesh, the middle, aluminum alloy guide rail, ventilation slots and other options.

Technology of refrigerated carriage system:

1. The "sandwich" plate of the split piece is bonded, and the large domestic refrigerated truck production enterprises adopt this technology, and the heat insulation performance of the refrigerated car produced by this technology is high.

The jianghuai refrigerator car

The jianghuai refrigerator car

2. Injection foaming formula of split piece assembly.

3. The whole skeleton is injected with foam.

4. Vacuum adsorption paste

Classification of refrigeration units:

Refrigeration units are divided into non-independent refrigeration units and independent refrigeration units. Domestic units and imported units. The general model adopts the external cold machine, and a small number of miniature refrigerated vehicles adopt the built-in cold machine. For cooler vehicles with lower temperature requirements, a cold plate can be used in the body (equivalent to evaporator).


Classification by chassis manufacturers: dongfeng refrigerating vehicle, chang 'an star refrigerating vehicle, qingling cold storage vehicle, jiangling cold storage vehicle, jianghuai cold storage vehicle, beiqi futian refrigerating vehicle

Semi-refrigerated truck

Semi-refrigerated truck

According to the chassis carrying capacity classification: mini refrigerated vehicles, small refrigerated vehicles, medium sized refrigerated vehicles, large refrigerated vehicles

Classification by car type: a bread refrigerator, a refrigerator, a semi-refrigerated truck

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