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How to drive a refrigerated car to save oil explanation

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How to drive a refrigerated car to save oil explanation

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Nowadays, not only singers such as the voice of China are popular, but also in the automobile industry, car repair competition and drivers' skill competitions are also popular. These games not only inject vitality into the automobile industry, but also a good opportunity for drivers to exchange experience skills. Today's liberation of refrigerated vehicles introduces some oil saving techniques.

Start slowly and step on the gas. Slow moving at the start can both warm up and save fuel.

Keep the distance. This can not only avoid the emergency brake, but also ensure the safety of the vehicle, and also reduce the number of braking and effectively save oil.

Shift gears. It's a waste to change gears quickly on the slope.

4. Maintain proper speed. The average freight car is kept at 60 -- 80km/h, which is more fuel-efficient, trying to control the speed in the province, which is faster or too low. You should also pay attention to the traffic condition and try to avoid the traffic jam, because the idle driving is also a waste of oil.

5. Air-conditioning temperature control of refrigerated vehicles. If the refrigerated car is a non-independent refrigerating unit, the driver should pay attention to the adjustment of the temperature in the refrigerated compartment during the ride, not the lower the better. For example, when transporting medicine and vaccines, the temperature cannot be too low, and less than 0 is not only a waste of energy, but the icing of the goods can cause even greater losses.

How many of these techniques have you done? Don't just keep in mind that you have to act to save oil.

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