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New material classification

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New material classification

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As the basis of high and new technology and new materials, application scope is extremely broad, with information technology, biological technology together to become the 21st century the most important and the most potential fields. As with traditional materials, new material can from the structure, function and application fields, such as a variety of different Angle carries on the classification, cross each other between different categories and nested.

New material is mainly composed of traditional material innovation and the introduction of new materials, with the development of high and new technology, new materials and traditional materials industry combined with the increasingly close, presents the characteristics of the lateral diffusion of the industrial structure.

Classification of new materials: according to the application field, the new materials are classified into the following categories:

1 information material

Electronic information materials and products supporting the modern communication, computer, information network, micro mechanical intelligent systems, industrial automation and electrical home appliances and other modern high technology industry. The development of electronic information materials industry scale and technology level, has important strategic position in national economy, is the scientific and technological innovation and the most competitive material field. In the next 10 ~ 15 years microelectronics materials is the most basic information materials, optoelectronic materials will become the fastest growing and most promising information materials. Information materials mainly can be divided into the following categories:

Integrated circuits and semiconductor materials: silicone material as the main body, a new compound semiconductor materials and a new generation of high temperature the semiconductor materials is also an important part of also include high purity chemical reagent and special electronic gases; Optoelectronic materials: laser materials, infrared detector materials, liquid crystal display materials, high luminance led materials, optical fiber materials and other fields; New electronic components: magnetic materials, electronic ceramic materials, piezoelectric transistor materials, information sensing materials and high-performance packaging materials.

The current research hot spot and the technological frontier including flexible transistor, photonic crystals, SiC, GaN, ZnSe wide bandgap semiconductor materials such as represented by the third generation of semiconductor materials, organic display materials and all kinds of electronic materials, etc.

2 energy materials

Global energy use continues to grow, 80% of the energy comes from fossil fuels, in the long run, need no pollution and sustainable development of new energy to replace all fossil fuels, the future of clean energy including hydrogen, solar energy, wind energy, nuclear fusion can, etc. The key to solve the energy problem is the breakthrough of energy material, whether it is increase the combustion efficiency to reduce resource consumption, and the development of new energy and the use of renewable energy and material has a very close relationship.

Traditional energy needed materials: the main is to improve the efficiency of energy utilization, is now focused on the development of supercritical steam generator and integrated gasification combined cycle technology, the material requirements of these techniques are very strict, such as the engineering ceramics, new channel materials, etc.; Hydrogen and fuel cells: hydrogen production, storage and utilization of materials and technologies, fuel cell materials, etc. Green secondary battery: ni-mh battery, lithium ion battery and high-performance polymer battery, etc. Solar cell: polysilicon, amorphous silicon, thin film battery and other materials; Nuclear materials: new nuclear reactor materials.

New energy materials, material types mainly include special membrane, polymer electrolyte, catalyst and electrode, optoelectronic materials, special spectrum, plastic and coating of carbon nanotubes and metal hydride paste, high temperature superconducting materials, low cost of low energy consumption of civil engineering materials, light weight, cheap, efficient insulation materials, light weight, strong, composite materials, high temperature alloy, ceramics and composites, resist radiation material, low active material, corrosion and stress corrosion cracking materials, machinery and plasma corrosion resistant material. The current research hot spot and the technological frontier including high hydrogen storage material, polymer battery materials, medium temperature sofc electrolyte materials, polycrystalline silicon thin film solar cell materials.

3 biological materials

Biological material is combined and life system, in order to diagnosis, treatment or replace tissues, organs or enhance its function of material. It involves material, medicine, physics, biological chemistry and modern high technology, and many other fields, has become the main one of pillar industries in the 21st century.

Now almost all types of materials have been applied in health care, including metal and alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites and biomass materials. Polymer biomaterials is one of the most active fields in biomedical materials; Metal biomaterials are still the most widely used implant materials in clinical application, and the research and development of titanium and its alloys and Ni-Ti shape memory alloys are a hot topic. Inorganic biomaterial has attracted more and more attention in recent years.

At present, the main direction of biomedical materials research and development, one is to simulate the human body hard tissue, organ and blood composition, structure and function and the design and preparation of bionic or function, the second is to give material excellent biocompatibility and biological activity or life activities. In terms of concrete materials, including drug controlled release materials, tissue engineering material, bionic material, nano biological materials, biological activity material, interventional diagnosis and treatment of materials, biodegradable and absorption of biological materials, new type of artificial organs and artificial blood etc.

4 automotive materials

The proportion of automobile materials in the whole material market is very small, but it belongs to the high technical requirements, high technical content and high value-added products, which represents the highest level of the industry.

The demand of automotive materials presents the following characteristics: light and environmental protection is the main demand development direction; Application of various materials in automobile scale is changing, is the main trend of high strength steel and high strength steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, the amount of plastic and composite material will have a larger growth, car body structure material will tend to be more design direction. At the same time, automotive materials recycling has also been more attention, electric cars, alternative fuel automobile special materials and functional materials continue to strengthen the development and application of work.

5 nanometer materials and technology

Nanometer material and technology will become the fifth time to promote the social economy rapid development in various fields of leading technology, the first 20 years in the 21st century will be the key to the development of nanometer materials and technology. During the period of nano electronic instead of microelectronics, the process instead of micro processing, nano materials instead of micron materials, nano biotechnology instead of micron scale biotechnology, it is not in the objective law of man's will.

Nanometer materials and technology research and development of the most basic research stage, such as nano electronics and devices, nano biological and other high risk areas, have not form a large-scale industry. But the nanometer material and technology in the electronic information industry, biological medicine industry, energy industry, environmental protection, etc., the preparation and application of related material will be a revolutionary impact..

Superconducting materials and technologies

Superconducting material and technology is the strategic high technology and new technology in the 21st century, it is widely used in energy, health care, transportation, scientific research and national defense and other major fields. The application of superconducting materials mainly depends on the material properties and preparation of the development of the technology itself.

At present, the low temperature superconducting materials have reached a practical level, the high temperature superconducting material industrialization technology has also made significant breakthrough, high temperature superconducting strip with high-temperature superconducting filter and mobile communications subsystem will soon into the commercialization stage.

7 rare earth materials

Rare earth materials is the use of rare earth elements excellent magnetic, light, electricity and other features to develop a series of irreplaceable, superior performance of new materials. Rare earth materials are widely used in metallurgical machinery, petroleum chemical industry, light industry of agriculture, electronic information, energy, environmental protection, national defense and other fields, is to transform traditional industries in the world today, the development of high and new technology and sophisticated national defense technology strategic materials.

Specific include: rare earth permanent magnet material: it is one of the fastest growing of rare earth materials, including NdFeB, SmCo, etc., are widely used in electrical, electro-acoustic, medical equipment, high-tech areas like maglev train and military industry; Hydrogen storage alloy: mainly used for power battery and fuel cell; Rare earth luminescent material: is there a new high efficiency energy-saving environmental protection lighting with rare earth luminescent material, high-definition, digital color TV and computer monitors of rare earth luminescent material, and special or extreme conditions the application of rare earth luminescent material, etc.; Rare earth catalytic materials: the focus of development is to replace precious metals, reduce the cost of catalysts, and improve anti-poisoning performance and stability. Rare earths in the application of other new materials, such as precision ceramics, optical glass, rare earth etching agent, rare earth inorganic pigments, etc, are also at high speed growth, such as electronic ceramics, rare earth rare earth inorganic pigment.

New steel materials

Steel material is the basis of the important material, widely used in energy development, transportation, oil chemical industry, machinery and electricity, light industry, medical and health care, building materials, home appliances, national defense construction and high-tech industries, and has strong competitive advantage.

The key point of the development of the new steel material is high iron and steel materials. Its direction for high performance, long life, has to organize elaboration and precise control on the quality, improving steel cleanliness and high uniformity in terms of development.

New non-ferrous metal alloy materials

Mainly including aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other light metal alloys, powder metallurgy materials, high purity metal materials and so on.

Aluminum alloy: including various types of high strength and toughness, high ratio and high ratio modulus, high strength corrosion resistance, heat-resistant aluminum alloy material, such as al-li alloy, etc. Magnesium alloy: including magnesium alloy and magnesium - base composite materials, ultra-light and high plasticity mg-li -X alloy, etc. Titanium alloy material: including new medical titanium alloy, high temperature titanium alloy, high strength titanium alloy, low cost titanium alloy, etc. Powder metallurgy material: the products mainly include iron base, copper base car parts, refractory metal, hard alloy, etc. High purity metal and materials: the purity of the material has been developed in a more purified direction, its impurity content reaches the PPB level, and the specification of the product has been developed in a large scale.

New building materials

New building materials mainly include the new wall materials, building materials, chemical new thermal insulation material, building decoration materials, etc. The trend of the international building materials is environmental protection, energy saving, muti_function change direction.

Is the development trend of the glass to functional, practical, decorative type, safe and environmentally friendly five directions, including the glass glass surface modification or finishing processing, Low radiation of energy saving control Low radiation (Low - E) and sunshine (Sun - E) film glass, etc. In addition, it also includes energy conservation, new building materials for environmental protection, and special series of cement to meet the special needs of the project.

New chemical materials

Chemical materials has an important position in national economy, in the aerospace, machinery, petroleum industry, agriculture, construction, automotive, home appliances, electronics, biomedical industry and so on all play an important role.

The new chemical materials mainly include organic fluorine materials, organic silicon materials, high-performance fibers, nano-chemical materials, inorganic functional materials, etc. Nano-chemical materials and special chemical coatings are the hot spots in recent years.

Environmental materials

The ecological environment material in the human awareness of ecological environment protection is important strategic significance and countries around the world are under the background of sustainable development, ecological environment material is generally recognized as has satisfactory performance and are endowed with excellent environment coordination of materials.

The characteristics of this kind of material is less consumption of resources and energy, the ecological and environmental pollution is small, high regeneration utilization, and from material manufacture, use, scrap the whole process of life, until the regeneration recycling are coordinated with ecological environment. Mainly includes: environmental compatible materials, such as natural material (wood, stone, etc.), imitation of biological materials (artificial bone, artificial organs, etc.), green packaging materials (green packaging bags, packaging container), ecological building materials (non-toxic decorative materials, etc.); Environmental degradation materials (biodegradable plastics, etc.); Environmental engineering materials, such as environmental restoration materials, environmental purification materials (molecular sieves, ionic screening materials), environmental replacement materials (phosphor washing powder auxiliaries), etc.

Research focus and developing direction of the ecological environment material including renewable polymer (plastic) design, the material environment coordination appraisal theory system, reduce the material environment load new craft, new technology and new methods.

New materials for military industry

Military materials for national defense science and technology, the strength of the national defense strength and national economic development plays an important role, is the material base of weapon equipment and technology leader, is one of the important factors to weapon equipment performance, and expand the new weapons and equipment function and decrease equipment life-cycle costs, with the weapons and equipment and to maintain the competitive advantage of impulsion.

With the rapid development of weapon equipment, the supporting role of materials technology development presents the following trends: a composite is: through microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic levels of the comprehensive performance of composite increased significantly; 2 it is functional, through the material composition, organization and structure optimization design and precise control of a single material with multiple functions, to simplify the structure of weapons and equipment design, realize the miniaturization, high reliable purposes; Three is high sex energy: the comprehensive performance of materials is continuously optimized, to improve the performance of weapon equipment to lay the material foundation; Four is low-cost: low-cost technology is a high-tech technology in the material field, which has an increasingly important role in the development and production of weapon equipment.

Shanghai, the new material co., LTD., founded in 2006, is a structure of composite material technology providers and product manufacturers, focusing on high performance requirements and large structural composites provides overall solutions, mold design and manufacturing, the overall assembly line a total package, raw material supply. Main operation: epoxy system deformable agent, polyester system mold release agent, sealant and so on.

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