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The market share of intelligent liquid crystal dimming products of industrial new materials reached 20.4%

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The market share of intelligent liquid crystal dimming products of industrial new materials reached 20.4%

Release date:2017-11-22 Author:Shanghai yue ke new materials co. LTD Click:

Industrial new material: the capital market "lead" the lighting materials industry. "In the future, we will seek its own development, with more professional standards continue to improve production efficiency and product quality, enhance brand awareness, to strengthen and promote the intelligent dimmer products and market status of the projection system."

Founded in 2010 in zhuhai, xingye new material is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of indium tin (ITO) conductive film, intelligent dimming products and intelligent dimming projection system. Not long ago, the company successfully landed on the Hong Kong gem board, which is also the first company to go public in Hong Kong.

The ITO conductive film has good conductivity and transparency. It is the most widely used transparent conductive oxide. It is mainly used in the field of electronic display such as flat screen display and touch screen.

It is realized that a layer of liquid crystal between the two layers of ITO film can be made into a smart liquid crystal tunable film. When the optical membrane is energized, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in an orderly manner, and the dimming film is colorless and transparent. The appearance of the dimmer film is milky opaque film when the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in disorder when the power is off.


"In the past, dimming products were not recognized by consumers, only in movies or high-tech scenes. This was mainly because the dimming material was mainly imported and expensive." "Liu said.

In 2012, industrial new materials began to expand the downstream application of ITO film, intelligent liquid crystal dimming film, and mastered the price and quality advantages of ITO film. At the same time, it also has the liquid crystal formulation of its own intellectual property rights, and the optical transmission ratio of the dimming glass is 82%. With the advantage of high quality and low cost, the market share of smart liquid crystal dimming products of industrial new materials reaches 20 and 4% in China.

Since 2016, the overseas market of socgen has expanded rapidly, with clients in southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and even South America. Output, in addition to the products, the company gradually develop technology company for the local manufacturers to provide optical glass processing training, help them establish a dimming glass production line, is to expand the sales market, glass of long-distance transportation cost at the same time, also help local markets to reduce the product cost.

Intelligent dimming projection system is also one of the fist products of industrial new materials. That move light projection screen, projector and projection system fusion control equipment as a whole, when the dimming glass is opaque state, ACTS as a projection screen, and in the condition of electricity, dimming glass can also be converted into ordinary transparent glass. Because of its versatility, high cost performance and long service life, the system can be widely used in window advertisement, multimedia curtain wall, conference room and other interior and exterior decoration environment.

Liu hongwei's analysis said that China's outdoor advertising market grew at a compound growth rate of 15 and 8 percent. Since intelligent dimming projection system can provide better advertising experience, it is expected that intelligent dimming projection system will have great development potential as a high-tech marketing communication tool. In addition, compared with the traditional LED screen, smart move light projection system for damage eyes smaller, more environmental protection and provides the visual effect of hd and its high performance-to-price ratio also makes it a good alternative to the traditional screen equipment.

At present, the intelligent dimming projection system for industrial new material has been successfully applied to many domestic business projects.

From ITO film to dimming film and dimming glass, to intelligent dimming projection system, industrial new materials adopt vertical integration strategy, so that the company can form complete dead cycle industry chain. Liu Gongwei said that the large-scale production of complete vertical integration to improve the quality of materials, improve product performance, reduce logistics cost, reduce the delivery time, and in the cost control and operation efficiency of benefit.

Liu Gongwei said the mature of the new material business, future market prospects, industrial new materials will better help from capital market, further strengthen the equipment automation improvement and new materials research and development, constantly enhance the level of development.


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