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The technology and application of the rapid expansion sealing agent in the bedding hole

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The technology and application of the rapid expansion sealing agent in the bedding hole

Release date:2016-07-27 Author:Shanghai yue ke new materials co. LTD Click:

Safety production situation in our country at present stage and the world advanced coal-producing countries there is still a large gap compared. 2014 is a special major accident happened, 13 major accident, the mortality rates of 0.293 one million tons, the historic first dropped below 0.3, but compared with advanced coal country, is 10 times that of advanced countries. Our country is still weak, the base of coal mine safety in production of 12526 coal mines nationwide, including nearly 10000 small coal mine under coal mine is 300000 tons, in addition to the low level of mechanization, staff quality is generally low, and the management level is not high, this makes the security of our country always on ice. And some of the major disasters in coal mine, threat still exists, the gas is still the first killer of coal mine safety. Therefore, completes the gas control is the base of coal mine safety. The gas extraction from the drilling hole sealing quality of drainage concentration and has a great influence on drainage life. Based on his long group Wen Gupo mine 4101 working face of the whole sealing test, the main purpose of the drilling to the sealing is done for new roadway drivage bedding, to prevent and gas outburst roadway.the problem; To solve this problem, I mine through the market investigation and research decided to adopt the shaanxi blue ocean technology co., LTD. And the research and development of China university of mining production LHFK - type 1 hole sealing agent as sealing material, using new materials and new technology after long borehole drainage borehole seal tightly, density of hole sealing quality and hole sealing.

Shanghai, the new material co., LTD., founded in 2006, is a structure of composite material technology providers and product manufacturers, focusing on high performance requirements and large structural composites provides overall solutions, mold design and manufacturing, the overall assembly line a total package, raw material supply. Main operation: epoxy system deformable agent, polyester system mold release agent, sealant and so on.

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