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Composite material: let the car light load safe road

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Composite material: let the car light load safe road

Release date:2017-03-08 Author:Shanghai yue ke new materials co. LTD Click:

Automotive lightweighting technology for the chemical industry has long been familiar, in today's energy saving is the highest s, resin, rubber, carbon fiber composite materials used in the body or components for the automotive thin body has become the consensus in the industry, and for new energy vehicles, it is more important, because the power battery will increase the body quality.

A big problem for electric cars that have hit the road is the short range of batteries. Domestic leading enterprises in the new energy vehicles to launch the e6 electric car byd to range up to 300 km as a selling point, but it is only under the condition of the working condition of the comprehensive test to get the best value, compared with the traditional fuel cars there is still a large gap. Therefore, while improving the performance of the battery, it is critical to reduce the quality of the body and reduce the energy consumption per km.

According to the plan, it is important to break through the common technology and technology such as body material and lightweight structure in the industrialization process, which will definitely promote the development of automobile composite materials. With the continuous emergence of new chemical materials and the upgrading of production process, more and more auto parts can be prepared using lightweight materials. In addition to the multinational companies that have actively laid out the Chinese market, domestic companies are turning their attention to this area. In order to ensure the safety of the new energy vehicles while reducing the quality of the body, the chemical related materials will usher in the new machine a.

In addition, the weight loss of the battery itself is one of the ways to reduce the burden of new energy vehicles. The plan requires that by 2015, the power battery module will be more than 150 watts per kilogram, and the power density of the electric drive system will be more than 2.5 kilowatts per kilogram. Developing new battery materials and allowing lighter battery packs to drive longer distances will be a new issue in the chemical industry.

Shanghai, the new material co., LTD., founded in 2006, is a structure of composite material technology providers and product manufacturers, focusing on high performance requirements and large structural composites provides overall solutions, mold design and manufacturing, the overall assembly line a total package, raw material supply. Main operation: epoxy system deformable agent, polyester system mold release agent, sealant and so on.

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