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The polyurethane industry in fine chemical industry has the most investment value

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The polyurethane industry in fine chemical industry has the most investment value

Release date:2017-03-08 Author:Shanghai yue ke new materials co. LTD Click:

The fine chemical industry has several features, first of all small batch production, and the purity will be high, which may reach 99%, even the high purity of four nine or six nine. Which industries do you think have strong investment value, such as polyurethane, plastic auxiliaries and organic silicon industries?

As I see, there is covered inside the industry in the long run, I think the pu industry has investment value should be the most, because we now know that countries are strongly recommended energy-saving insulation, among them with the aid of energy-saving insulation market will provide for polyurethane industry with huge market space, now with the aid of thermal insulation is used a lot of heat preservation material, the heat preservation material including polystyrene insulation board and polyurethane insulation board, and so on, but from the point of these performance, it should be said pu polyurethane insulation board, for now is the best of the insulation heat preservation material, so the future will be a lot of the use of the polyurethane insulation board.

And from the perspective of a domestic enterprise, now a lot of many domestic enterprises have already broke through the polyurethane industry corresponding to these technical barriers, so under the government energy-saving policies directly to motivate and stimulate, it should be said that the polyurethane industry in the future will show very strong growth, but we should also note that if in the polyurethane industry or in the field of polyurethane inside, if there are no barriers to competition of some companies, probably due to increasing competition the businesses from the collection, likely competitiveness weak point, as if only in the production of polyurethane insulation board inside industry enterprises, relatively, there is no strong technical barriers, so the comprehensive competitive power is weak.

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