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The company changed its name to notice

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The company changed its name to notice

Release date:2017-04-01 Author:Shanghai yue ke new materials co. LTD Click:

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Due to the need of company development, approved by Shanghai administration for industry and commerce, "Shanghai, the composite material co., LTD." the name from November 18, 2016 officially changed to "Shanghai, the new material co., LTD.".

From now on, all of the company's internal opposition to external documents, information, invoicing, account number, tax number, etc. all use the new company name.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the change of company name.

Best wishes!

Change of billing information:

Company name: Shanghai yue ke new materials co. LTD

Tax number: 913101127895779819

Address: room 2007-2010, no.2, lane 58, xinjian east road, minhang district

Telephone: 021-34121699

Opening bank: bank of China Shanghai xinzhuang branch


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Shanghai, the new material co., LTD., founded in 2006, is a structure of composite material technology providers and product manufacturers, focusing on high performance requirements and large structural composites provides overall solutions, mold design and manufacturing, the overall assembly line a total package, raw material supply. Main operation: epoxy system deformable agent, polyester system mold release agent, sealant and so on.

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