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Mould manufacturing

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Mould manufacturing

Mould manufacturing


Basic process map of mould manufacturing




I. platform production

1. Welding the i-steel according to the drawing.

2. Measure the plane degree of the surface of all the steel with the level of water, make a record, and select the intermediate value for reference.

3. Adjust the height of the surface measurement on the steel bar to ensure that the plane level is within 1mm.

4. Fixed the steel bar after the adjustment.

Steel frame production

(1) preparation

1. Cut the steel pipe and cut the steel pipe according to the drawing size.

2. Cut the steel plate and cut the steel plate into the shape of each section with the laser cutting machine reference drawing.

(2) welding

1. Take a straight line as the reference line on the platform and steel. During the welding process, the base line of the steel and the baseline of the platform should be kept in line.

2. When the surface of the steel frame is guaranteed to be under 1mm, the square pipe shall be welded to the platform

3. Finish the spot welding of the steel frame according to the drawing.

4. Check the flatness of the steel frame with the level of the instrument, and ensure that it is not qualified to adjust the steel frame to the level of plus or minus 1mm until it is qualified.

5. After the test is qualified, the steel frame shall be fully welded, and the steel frame surface shall be polished after welding

6. Inspect the overall dimensions of the steel frame, make records and refer to the drawing requirements.

7. The cutting section plates shall be welded to the steel frame, and the reference of the cross-section shall be consistent with the reference line on the steel frame. Each section board should be reinforced with square tube to prevent deformation.

8. Lay the small square pipe, and the small square pipe shall be laid backward according to the section plate, and the small square pipe shall be pressed together with the small square pipe. The entire arc should be easy to be laid after being laid, not allowing individual projections or large gaps.

3. Paste glass steel layer

The thickness of the glass steel layer is 7 mm or above, consisting of three layer #450 fiber felt and 4 f #800 fiber fabric (suggestion), made of handmade paste. Before the glass steel paste is made, the resin paste of the appropriate thickness is applied to enhance the bonding strength of the glass reinforced plastic layer and the small square pipe.

4. Epoxy-wood layer

Instead of wood, the wood is usually made of epoxy. The thickness of the laminar layer is more than 30 mm, and the thickness theory of the wood layer is 13 mm thick, which is 10-20 mm. The surface of the glass steel layer must be roughened before the wood layer is made.

5. CNC machining

1. After curing the wood, the machine is processed by CNC.

2. The surface of the Yang mold is processed with a CNC machining center. The overall requirements of the wood processing are unbroken and unbroken. After finishing the finishing process, the surface has no obvious edge marks, smooth and smooth, and no defects due to processing. Acceptance criteria are based on sample and site confirmation.

6, wood grinding

1. Welding the i-steel according to the drawing.

2. Measure the plane degree of the surface of all the steel with the level of water, make a record, and select the intermediate value for reference.

3. Adjust the height of the surface measurement on the steel bar to ensure that the plane level is within 1mm.

4. Fixed the steel bar after the adjustment.

7. Spray the rubber garment

1, the environment temperature is above 18 ℃, humidity below 75%.

2. Check the gas source condition and confirm that there is no oil and no water; Check whether the nozzle work is normal and the nozzle diameter of the spray gun is 0.18 inch.

3. Based on the coating thickness and surface area estimation, the dosage of the adhesive is easy to be polished. Open the wrapper of easy polishing bottom glue and mix the bottom glue thoroughly with a clean and smooth stick.

4. Adjust the spray gun, adjust the air pressure, adjust the nozzle, and fan out the air spray.

5. The dosage of the curing agent was determined by taking a small amount of materials, controlling the amount of the curing agent between 0.75% and 2.5%, and controlling the gel time was around 15min.

6. Spray the spray on the first part of the spray before spraying. Both the gun and the gun are at the bottom of the die, the nozzle is perpendicular to the surface of the substrate, the distance is 300mm ~ 400mm, the spray gun is moving at a constant speed, continuous spraying and the parallel coverage is 50%. The spraying quantity of each part is determined by the actual situation of the surface of the bottom die, and the speed of the spray gun is determined by the amount of pressure and the amount of the diluent of the base adhesive. The general control is: 50mm/s ~ 100mm/s.

7. After spraying, clean the spray gun, and place the remaining adhesive on the storage.

8, spraying is completed, if indoor temperature below 20 ℃, should take heat preservation measures, ensure the bottom rubber curing.

9. After the solidification of the bottom, the requirements of 240 mesh sandpaper should not be missed and polished.

10, grinding plate, polishing by hand directly, at the same time pay attention to the strength and not too hard, do it by hand grinding can be naturally push and pull, so as not to rub out deep groove or marks on the plane.

11. After processing, the surface will be separated by 400 eyes and 600 mesh water sand respectively. The powder produced in the polishing process shall be erased in time, and the entire surface shall be flat, smooth and unpotted after finishing. It is necessary to rub, watch and check when polishing, in case of omission or rub. The grinding direction is perpendicular to the grinding direction of the previous sand paper.

12. After each of the emery paper, the sandpaper that has been finished has been collected and stored, and the site is not allowed to be left. Pour out all the sandpaper water and wash the container. Clean the site and clean the work clothes of all operators. Then the bottom die is thoroughly cleaned with a large amount of water, and the surface of the bottom die cannot be left with sand and other impurities.

13, after arrival if polished finish, pinhole or sand holes, want to use putty putty repair, use 120 sandpaper again after curing, after clean surface, with 240 sandpaper again, clean up, follow the steps above spray easy polishing.

14. After polishing and confirmation, the surface is carefully cleaned twice with cleaning agent, and the impurities that may affect the adhesion of adhesion of the surface may be removed completely.

8. Spray high gloss rubber

1. Confirm that the surface of the bottom die has been cleaned; If uncleaned, wipe with clean wet cotton yarn to dry.

2. Before spraying, wrap plastic wrap around the sun.

3. The high-gloss rubber clothing should be uniformly mixed in the material tube before use, and the gel experiment should be taken to determine the ratio of the gel. Spray, spray a thin layer of first, then according to the 400 g / ㎡ thickness of coating, and the guns and gun should be outside the bottom die.

4, spraying is completed, if indoor temperature below 20 ℃, insulation to take measures to ensure that highlights gel solidified completely.

5. After solidification, the surface of the mould shall be 600 eyes, 800 eyes, 1000 eyes, 1, 200 eyes and 1500 eyes water sand, and pay attention to the boundary between the protection of the prismatic and the trench.

6. Carefully check the surface of the Yang mould, find uneven or scratchable defects, and repair with the high gloss adhesive; After the repair area was cured, there were 600 eyes, 800 eyes and 1500 eyes water sand respectively.

7. The medium crude wax of 300# is applied evenly on the surface of the bottom die, and polished with fine wool disk; In the polishing process, you should carefully clean the wool disk about every 1m2.

Nine, inspection

(1) type surface inspection: inspection plate inspection or 3d camera.

(2) air tightness test: to meet the technical agreement requirements.

For example, if a vacuum can be drawn under 10mbar, the pressure will rise no more than 10mbar for 5 minutes. If you do not have 10 mbar, the pressure will increase by 15 minutes and the pressure will not exceed 15mbar.

10. Paint, packaging and transportation

The steel frame is required to be derusted with a light grey finish.

Male mold surface processing is completed with a 0.1 mm thick film covering every Duan Yang die surface (blocks without any defects), play in the process of transportation and storage of protection in the process of the role of the male mold, using appropriate tied with a rope.

During transportation, the cargo is covered with rainproof canvas to avoid the sun and rain.

Provide transportation according to customer's requirement to transport the die to the designated place of the customer.

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