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The five-axis machining center is a kind of high - tech and high precision machining equipment, which can be used for machining complicated surfaces. Shanghai the five-axis processing equipment adopts technology imported from Italy times Lottie companies, Siemens control system, the high speed five-axis linkage, equipment effective processing range: 40 m long, 7.5 m wide, 4.5 m high, machinable aluminum alloy, plastic, composite materials, non-metallic materials such as wood, machining accuracy is less than 5 microns, walking speed up to 25 m/min. After operation, it can build a new mould with high technical content, multi - shape curved surface and complex material structure. At present, Shanghai, the "five axis machining center" workshop has been completed, equipment installation and debugging in place and put into operation, its products are widely used in wind power blade mould, military radar cover mould, the high iron moulds, new energy vehicles, ships, yachts, special shape building high-end industries.

The five-axis machining technology is suitable for the processing of complex curved surfaces. The main advantage of using five-axis machining technology in die machining is that the processing time is short and the surface quality is high. For mould manufacturing enterprises, the application of five-axis machining technology can achieve higher product quality and shorter lead time.

The advantages of using five-axis machining technology are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1、Shorten processing time: the five-axis machining can reduce the number of manufacturing process and the number of workpiece loading and the EDM area and die polishing process, thus greatly shortening the overall processing time and shortening the delivery cycle.

  2、Improved quality: using shorter cutting tools can reduce deviation, achieve higher machining accuracy and more stable surface quality.

  3、Reduce costs: five axis machining can prolong the service life of cutting tools, also can reduce the use of other processing equipment, such as reducing electric processing equipment can reduce the use of electrical level, its machining precision can also reduce the grinding in the late part of the mould.


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